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About Jazzy Jumpers Skipping Club

Jazzy Jumpers started as a club in 2010 led by sisters Lisa Buchanan and Nicole Brown.

Previous to this, Lisa, a primary school teacher, had started teaching skipping to a group of Year 4 and 5 students at Amaroo School as a ‘bit of lunchtime fun’. The students loved learning new tricks and soon began doing performances at the school, becoming known as the Jumping Jacks. The popularity of the sport grew quickly with many children from other year levels keen to join in. The group soon became a demonstration team with the Heart Foundation - travelling to other schools to do demonstrations and workshops, and started doing performances around Canberra. They even travelled to the Gold Coast each year to compete at the National Rope Skipping Championships.

At the end of 2009, the sport had grown so much that it was decided that it was time for a club to be formed which would provide more opportunities for the skippers and allow children from other schools to join. With the help of a number of keen parents, Lisa and Nicole started Jazzy Jumpers Inc. at the beginning of 2010. The team continues to train at Amaroo School and holds classes for recreational and competitive skippers. Each year the club competes at the NSW/ACT State Championships and Australian National Championships, and they have sent skippers to the US Junior Olympics, World Jump Rope and FISAC World Championships. They also continue to do performances and demonstrations around Canberra.

The club is run by a committee of parents and coaches elected at the start of each year at the Annual General Meeting. The club's constitution can be viewed here